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This blog is about two things:

  1. Rapid Learning
  2. How to learn any skill in just one month.

  3. Freedom
  4. How to get the freedom to travel and learn new skills at whim.

A few months ago, I dropped out of college to travel and learn a new skill every other month.

So far I’ve learned how to DJ and written about how to design websites from my three years experience in the field. I live on the road and have been to a total of 33 countries since 2005.

Here’s what this site can do for you:

  • Show you how to cram a year’s worth of effort into one month
  • Help you become a fascinating person
  • Understand the mindset fundamentals that accelerate success
  • Give you step-by-step walkthroughs and inspiration for the skills I learn
  • Entertain you with adventures and crazy experiments

Here are three of my favorite posts to get you started:

  1. Practicing Fear: Why You Should Do Something That Scares The Shit Out Of You Every Week
  2. How to Build a Custom Website Without Code- From Start to Finish (2 Hour Video Walkthrough)
  3. Non-Negotiables: The Reason Your Life Sucks (or is Awesome)

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